Welcome to Des Moines SURJ! We are a local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice.  SURJ is a national network of local organizations and individuals committed to organizing white people for racial justice as part of a multi-racial justice movement being led by people of color.

As a local chapter of SURJ, those of us organizing here in Des Moines are seeking to build deeper connections among white people who are committed to justice and equality. Our goal is to pull more white Iowans off the sidelines and into an active and ongoing commitment against racism.

As we work to build a visible and effective white antiracist movement in Iowa, we are committed to doing so in support of and connected to people of color-led organizations, movements and initiatives. Taking responsibility for the role white people need to play and increasing white Iowan commitments to justice is important. But we do this specific work while remaining in partnership with and deeply accountable to communities of color, who have long been engaged in such work. Such partnership and accountability are fundamental SURJ values at both the national and the local level.

Those of us organizing to create a racially just Des Moines and Iowa understand ourselves as part of a multi-racial movement for justice already being led by Latino/a, Black, African, South Asian and many other communities in the Des Moines area.

We hope you will join us in becoming active in this work.