SURJ-ing in Des Moines in Fall 2017

We have done a lot since we formed in October 2016! After nine months of great work by so many, the Leadership Core met to envision the next steps for our chapter’s growth and organizing. We set several goals to begin reaching for in the fall of 2017. These include solidifying and deepening commitment among those who are ready to go deeper, as well as improving how our chapter functions. We are growing as an organization. We want to be sure all who are ready to deepen their commitment to DSM SURJ have the chance to step in, take on leadership roles and more responsibilities, and otherwise be able to really plug in.

To that end, we are launching a new meeting format starting in September 2017!

Every first Sunday of the month meeting will be committed to building and deepening the DSM SURJ community. We will meet in one group as a chapter and discuss new initiatives, report on ongoing work at the national level, check in with individual SURJ-ites who are connection with Black Lives Matter or other ongoing national networking. The format will allow all who are attending to bring issues, ideas and questions; we will create a process for discussion together at one of our first fall meetings. We will work to create an environment of engagement with each other that reflects SURJ’s values.

Every third Sunday of the month meeting will be a nuts-and-bolts working meeting, broken out into smaller groups according to the various local initiatives, projects and mobilizations we are involved in. In these spaces we may be in working groups, or we may be planning our next action. We may be coming up with new initiatives or organizing in response to an incident or an ask from our accountability groups.

New comers are welcome at any DSM SURJ meeting and childcare will always be available. However, one Sunday every quarter a newcomers’ orientation meeting will also be held during the working meeting. We want to make sure that those who are brand new, somewhat new, or who just want to re-orient to SURJ values, process and commitments experience a deep welcome and get the support they need to feel oriented to  our chapter, how it functions and how it works to live out SURJ values.

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