DSM SURJ Newsletter, 11/30/19

Learn with CORE Youth December 1 SURJ Meeting

***UPDATE***  DUE TO TRAVEL DIFFICULTIES FOR THE SPEAKERS, THIS MEETING IS CANCELLED!  WATCH FACEBOOK OR EMAIL FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING EVENTS     December 1: CORE’s Cornucopia: The abundance available when students of color are allowed to lead. SURJ will meet with one of the groups with which we are in a partnership of accountability learn how we can best support the brilliance of youth in our area.

December 15: Immigration Justice and Equity in Education working groups. This and ALL third Sundays of the month. Join us to build connections and deepen our commitment to equity in education and immigration justice in Des Moines. Why working groups? Two reasons: 1) We hear from the educational and immigration groups with which we are in relationships of accountability. 2) We set the stage for successful, long-term action as a group. This is your opportunity to plug in deeper with SURJ. Whether you’ve been to many SURJ meetings or this is your first one, you’re invited!

Join us! Newcomers, returnees and longtime participants always welcome. DSM SURJ meetings are the first and third (working group) Sundays of each month, 6-8 pm at Drake University.  Childcare provided. All meetings held at Medbury Honors Lounge at Drake University at 6:00 pm. Park in the Olmsted Center Parking Lot located at 2875 University Avenue.

Remember to Vote December 3rd

December 3: Des Moines Residents vote in runoff election. Break white silence around racial profiling by police in Des Moines.  Elect city council members that have pledged their support of this ordinance.  Jack Hatch (mayor) and Skip Moore (Ward 2), who are supporters of the ordinance, have forced run-offs.  At-large candidate Jacquie Easley is also in a runoff. Jacquie Easley has been a fierce supporter of racial justice with the NAACP for years, fighting for anti-racial profiling ordinances and laws.   If you are a Des Moines resident please vote in the runoff election on December 3rd.  If Jacquie, Jack and/or Skip win, we will have a voice on the city council which is so important to this work.  You can vote in person at the elections office on weekdays through Monday, December 2nd.

Missed the Know Your Rights Training on November 16th?

Erica Johnson from AFSC Iowa Immigrant Rights shared lots of great information about how we can defend our immigrant neighbors by understanding theirs and our rights when interacting with ICE.

Understand the rights all people have when interacting with law enforcement.

Watch these videos to see actual ICE enforcement actions. Trigger warning for the violence in the videos.

Put the Iowa Statewide ICE Reporting Hotline 515-996-0003 in your contact list and immediately report ICE activity you witness.  Carry Hotline cards with you for reference and to give to others.

If you feel comfortable stopping to witness an enforcement action some guidelines for things you can do are provided in the document:  What Can I Do if I See ICE in my City?

If you are trying to help someone who has had a family member detained have them call the Hotline.  There are six community support teams across Iowa.

Want to get more involved? Come to the DSMSURJ Immigrant Rights action group on the Third Sunday of each month at 6pm in Medbury Honors Lounge on the Drake Campus.

Thank you to Erica Johnson from American Friends Service Committee for educating us and to those who showed up for racial justice.

Questions?  dsmsurj@gmail.com

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