DSM SURJ News & Action, 10/6/2020

Hey there, dear reader. With the election less than one month away, do you have a plan to vote? How about your friends and family?

Thank you to these five candidates and to YOU for joining us at the Sept 13 Zoom forum! It was an interesting conversation and revealed much about the candidates’ stances on racial justice issues. 

Check out the full-length recording of the event if you were unable to make it!

Here’s the deal: races for State House and Senate matter. Be informed, be in the conversation, and be part of the change we need.

* Know your legislators. They might live on your street or send their kids to your school.

* Reach out to them regularly with your opinions, questions and concerns. You’d be surprised by how responsive they are, and how much difference a few calls or emails can make on an important issue.

* Make change with your newly-acquired knowledge of how the system works, and who works within it.

The 2020 Election is less than one month away. Sorry, am I repeating myself?

Head over to Vote Save America to learn about all the key Iowa election deadlines and rules and make a plan to vote–either in person or by mail. Then go tell other people.

Please note the below from the Polk County Auditor:

October 5 – Absentee Ballots will be mailed to those who have requested a ballot by mail. That’s today 😉

October 5 – First Day to Vote Early in person at the Polk County Auditor’s Election Office.

October 19 – Worry free postmark deadline for mail in voter registration

October 24 – Voter preregistration deadline and deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail.  Election office (120 Second Ave., Des Moines) open until 5PM for voter registration and Absentee Voting.  Voters may use Election Day registration procedures to register to vote after the Pre-Registration deadline.

October 31 – Election office (120 Second Ave., Des Moines) open until 5 p.m. for in person absentee voting

Monday, November 2 – 5PM Last day to vote absentee in person at the Election Office.  Absentee ballots by mail must be postmarked by this date

Tuesday, November 3 – General Election Day.  Polls open 7AM until 9PM.  Election Day Precinct Locations

Iowa author spotlight: Rachelle Chase

Chase’s bio and list of accomplishments will make your eyebrows raise, and you should check out her website because we cannot do justice to them here.

In 2017, Chase published Lost Buxton, a revelatory account of the fascinating Iowa coal mining town located near present-day Lovilia, Iowa. Interesting for so many reasons, the book tells the unique story of a mining company that sought out a multiracial workforce and set up a town in which people of all skin colors were treated fairly and equitably as workers and as residents.

The book is inspiring as it reminds us that a more equitable society is possible, but only if equity is made our founding principle. 

There was a City Council meeting Monday at 4:30PM! If you missed it, catch the recap at Noah Beacom’s City Council Watch blog.

Join DSM SURJ in taking the 21-day Equity Challenge to encourage learning, growth and action right here in central Iowa. Each weekday Oct 5 – Nov 2 you’ll receive an email with great knowledge and strong calls to action. It’s easy and it matters. Let’s do this.

Please stay in touch with us and reach out at any time to dsmsurj@gmail.com

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