DSM SURJ News & Action, 1/26/2021

“A cry for racial justice some 400 years in the making moves us. The dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer.”  – President Biden, Inaugural speech (1/20/21)

Let’s work together to make it happen.  

Please help “Color in the Shelves” of the school library at Park Avenue Elementary School in Des Moines! It is vital for young readers to be able to see themselves in the books they are exposed to, which means a library that’s as diverse as the U.S. is essential.

RSVP –> Facebook
Learn more and join in –> Sign Up Genius

Let’s fill the shelves by the end of Black History Month on Feb 28!

DSM SURJ is now accepting donations on its website at http://www.dsmsurj.org!

All donations received are used in furtherance of our mission to promote racial justice in Des Moines and central Iowa. This primarily means providing direct assistance to partners, as well as covering costs associated with initiatives and events. We are a small, volunteer-based organization, so overhead is very low. You can be sure your donation is making an immediate impact in our community.

Last year alone, DSM SURJ provided over $3,000 in assistance to CORE and the Black Liberation Movement combined.

Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.

Thank you for your generous support of DSM SURJ! 

Join DSM SURJ, American Friends Service Committee – Iowa, and Iowans for Immigrant Freedom to learn about how we’re collaborating to abolish ICE in Iowa and supporting people detained by ICE currently in our county jails.

Learn more and register on Facebook.

Please join us in welcoming new Iowa Democratic Party chair Ross Wilburn (D-46)!

And now for the Economic Equity Business of the Month–drumroll, please:

Cellular Advantage, an agent of US Cellular
Store Manager: Romell Brown
3829 100th Street, Urbandale | 515-331-0000
101 Jordan Creek Pkwy | Phone: 515-369-7700
Email: romell.brown@celladvantage.com

Cellular Advantage is an award-winning Authorized Agent of US Cellular, providing US Cellular plans, services, and network. Its manager, Romell Brown, has been helping folks with their phones and more for fifteen years, so he knows how to meet our needs. Cellular Advantage offers unlimited data with payback, data backup, and no activation fees, but Romell especially takes pride in their professionalism and customer service, with tech support that’s offered at no extra charge. In addition to the latest technology, Cellular Advantage has several initiatives that help support our community, such as Spanish-speaking associates; sponsorship dollars for local events and teams; and free text, voice, and data overage for communities impacted by natural disasters. Romell is guided by the core values of customer focus, ethics, community pride, and diversity.

Here are just two of the many reasons to check out Cellular Advantage, where Romell Brown will put your needs at the forefront:

  • The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup is now available, so it’s a great time for the promos and discounts that Romell is offering on these new phones.
  • The high-speed mobile or home internet abilities offered by Cellular Advantage are unique. Because the wireless signal comes from cell phone towers, we don’t have to put up with the annoying weather impacts that happen with some internet providers!


The consensus was that most of us could use another month with Part I of My Grandmother’s Hands in order to finish the reading and allow ourselves time to experience the exercises in each chapter.

For Saturday, February 27 at 10am, plan to discuss the rest of Part I of My Grandmother’s Hands – we expect to continue with Part II in March and Part III in April. 

If you were not able to join yesterday, you are very welcome to join for the upcoming discussions. If you would like to purchase the book from Storyhouse Bookpub, all proceeds will be donated back to our accountability partner organization, DSM BLM.

On Jan 22, America lost a true legend: Henry Aaron, the man who broke Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974. Whether or not you care about sports, this article will move you.

Thank you for reading!

Please stay in touch with us and reach out at any time to dsmsurj@gmail.com

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