DSM SURJ News & Action, 2/10/21

On February 9, Indira Sheumaker declared her candidacy for the City Council Ward 1 race. Check out her campaign and learn more at the official campaign kickoff this Friday.

Reminder: This event was rescheduled from Super Bowl Sunday. Click above to learn more and RSVP.

And now, let’s hear it for the Economic Equity Business of the Month, Chellie’s Sugar Shack!

In the mood for comfort or celebration? Either way, Chellie’s Sugar Shack offers delicious treats fresh baked just for you. You can choose from cookies, cakes, cobblers, cupcakes, and pies, all in a variety of flavors. Sweet potato pie is a holiday favorite, though Chellie is best known for her amazing sugar cookies.  She can decorate them to order, from a sports logo to a birthday message for a coworker or loved one. Ordering from the online menu is easy!
Chellie’s Sugar Shack is a licensed online home bakery and a certified Targeted Small Business. 

Chellie’s Sugar Shack Bakery
Owner and Baker: Rachelle Long
Curbside pickup: The Foundry, 111 South 11th Street, Suite 300, West Des Moines.
Phone: (515) 554-7731.
Email: shuggashackdsm@gmail.com 
Website: https://www.shuggashackdsm.com/

DSM SURJ would like to share the below note. If you or anyone you know has been incarcerated for any period of time, please fill out the survey below to help direct peer-based reentry services.

Hello all,

My name is Luci Harrell. I’m a law student currently incarcerated in Georgia (living at a state halfway house in Atlanta). Last year, as part of my master’s research project, I began a study on post incarceration syndrome (PICS) and peer-based reentry support. This is an IRB-approved study through South Dakota State University. It means a great deal to me and my life partner, Page Dukes – also my research partner, because we have both navigated PICS issues inside and outside of prison, and have watched our friends go through similar hardships.

We believe in working toward policies and services driven by the people affected and served, and we want to use the info gained from this study to amplify the voices of our brothers and sisters who have suffered the harsh realities of the criminal system.

I ask that you please share our survey with anyone who is living in a halfway house or has been released from jail or prison at any time in their lives. We want to get input from a rounded group of folks nationwide, people who served various sentences in different states for different crimes, and use that anonymous information to direct peer-based reentry services. With your help, we can put Iowa on our participant map.

The survey is available in English and Spanish here: tinyurl.com/picsstudy

Later this month, the new Billie Holiday biopic will be released. In preparation for what will surely be a powerful and disturbing film, read this article. This writer was left speechless.

What dreams we have and how they fly
Like rosy clouds across the sky;
Of wealth, of fame, of sure success,
Of love that comes to cheer and bless;
And how they wither, how they fade,
The waning wealth, the jilting jade —
The fame that for a moment gleams,
Then flies forever, — dreams, ah — dreams!

Paul Laurence Dunbar died on this day in 1906.
Above is an excerpt from his poem “Dreams.” 

Thank you for reading!

Please stay in touch with us and reach out at any time to dsmsurj@gmail.com

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