See you at City Hall

This Monday 6/14 at 5PM will be the first in-person City Council meeting since the pandemic began. Given the work that city leaders still need to do on equity and racial justice (see below) it is important that we show up at 4:30, make our voices heard and support the Black-led organizations that have been consistently doing this work: Des Moines BLM, Iowa CCI, and People’s Town Hall. Bring water, signs, and noisemakers!

Black bodies are safer when white bodies are present.

We need to protect our activists by standing with them.

Why keep pressure on the City Council?
ACLU Iowa, Iowa CCI Racial Justice Team & Iowa/Nebraska NAACP made these recommendations to the City Council last year:

  1. Ban racial profiling by the DMPD (This is included in the ordinance that was passed last year.)
  2. End pretextual stops (This has gone nowhere.)
  3. Institute implicit bias and de-escalation training (After months of protesting for this program, and then months of protesting against the unqualified instructors initially selected, this training has been instituted.)
  4. Create a citizen’s oversight board (This has gone nowhere.)
  5. Minimize Enforcement For Possession Of Marijuana For Personal Use (Council established a task force to make recommendations on this and other issues; the recommendations the task force delivered in fall 2020 have gone nowhere.)
  6. Data collection on stops (The City accepted a bid from PERF to institute this practice. It is not immediately clear when and how data will be shared or acted upon.)

In addition, other concerns raised by Des Moines BLM and People’s Town Hall have been ignored by the Council.

Given the the multiple unnecessary/wrongful arrests made last summer at protests, we also encourage you to donate to the local bail fund:

Paypal:  DSM Mutual Aid Bail Fund

Venmo:  @desmoines_mutualaid in the “business section”

Be sure to put “Bail Fund” in the comments.   Tag:  @DesMoinesMutualAid

See you at City Hall!

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