DSM SURJ News & Action, 7/15/2021

It was recently announced that Joshua Barr is stepping down from his role as the Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Director.

The City owes a debt of gratitude to Director Barr for his tireless work in pursuit of racial and economic equity and justice. We salute Joshua for the great work he has done every day, work that is by nature behind the scenes and under-appreciated, to defend the rights of all Des Moines residents.

Lawyer, thinker, film director, advocate–we simply cannot achieve justice without leaders like Joshua Barr, people who devote their considerable talents and indeed their lives to the struggle. We wish Joshua well in his endeavors and hope that the City of Des Moines hires a worthy successor. The bar has been set, and it is a high one.

Iowa CCI virtual event this Sat 7/17 – 10:30AM
Register: https://cciaction.org/uptous/

From Iowa CCI:

This past year, our movement won one of the biggest elections of our lifetimes. Thousands of Iowans, from all across the state, showed up on the streets and at the polls. We organized for clean water, COVID relief, racial justice, and climate justice.  

We’ve spent the past year caring for one another—staying home, masking up, marching in the streets, calling into city council meetings, passing along petitions and PPE. We’ve shown up in so many beautiful ways, but now it’s time to go bigger. We’ve got work to do! 

Join us July 17 for Another World is Possible: It’s Up To Us

We’re gathering virtually to celebrate our wins and fight for our future – one that organizes for racial justice, healthcare for all, a food system that works for farmers, workers, eaters, and the environment, climate justice, and more. 

Another World is Possible – It’s Up To Us will feature: 

  • Inspiring testimonies from locally- and nationally-known movement doers and thinkers. 
  • Music, art, spoken work, and a celebration of joyous rebellion. 
  • Ways to take action, deepen our activism and analysis, and build long-term people power. 
  • Opportunities for community, connection, and conversation. 

It’s time to make our dreams a reality. Because another world IS possible—but it’s up to us to build it! Join us July 17 for an energizing, inspiring, and powerful event. 

Register today: https://cciaction.org/uptous/

You’re probably thinking “WTF is this month’s featured Black-owned business?” Well, wonder no more: It’s What The Fries DSM!

>From Catch DSM:

One of the newest food trucks in Greater Des Moines, WTF will have you exclaiming “Fry-yay!” What the Fries gives customers the opportunity to build your own set of loaded french fries, or you can choose one of their signature creations. We don’t know what you’ll choose (Buffalo Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Pizza Fries, the options are endless!), but we do know that carb loading has never been so fun.    

Get the full scoop on WTF’s deliciousness and origin story from the Register’s May article.

Thank you for reading!

Please stay in touch with us and reach out at any time to dsmsurj@gmail.com

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