DSM SURJ News & Action, 9/17/21

Thank you to all who attended last Sunday’s Accountability Partner Forum virtually or in person!

Please use the below recap to stay involved with these important groups and the work they are doing. This is only a brief round-up; we encourage you to visit their websites and social media platforms. Most of these organizations are not covered regularly in the media and they need your help amplifying the great work they do in the community every day.

Al Exito 
A major need is to enhance the organization’s ability to raise money. Donate and support their initiatives. If you have local connections or avenues to public or private funding streams, give Dawn a shout.

Johnston Parents for Equity and Anti-Racism (J-PEAR) 
Donate financially or to annual school supply drive. If you have connections in other school districts, contact them and build bridges so they can build power and learn from other parent groups. 

DSM BLM Collective
They are working to establish a sustainable org structure. Follow on socials and donate to mutual aid/rapid response funds. Seeking to hire a treasurer and find folks to show up for court support.

Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice
Advocating for meat packing workers, farm workers, derecho response. How can we get immigrants’ rights issues more attention at the statehouse? Connect with them if you have ideas. Donate and follow on socials.

Just Voices
Collecting stories of folks who have been racially profiled in Des Moines and collecting data on racial disparities in traffic stops and cannabis enforcement in Des Moines. You can help by putting pressure on city council to take action and by voting for change in Ward 1 this November.

CORE (Community of Racial Equity)
High school chapters meet weekly to discuss how to make school and community more equitable. Inspiring leaders from the rising generation! Needs funding to support snacks for meetings and the launch of a newsletter.
Iowa Coalition for Collective Change
Supports organizations that serve survivors of homicide and violent crime. Focuses on liberation as a way to eliminate violence. You can help by lobbying the legislature to fund them adequately, volunteering in advocacy, membership, or training. Donate!

Thank you for reading!

Please keep in touch with us at dsmsurj@gmail.com

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