DSM SURJ News & Action, 10/30/21

Sunday 10/31
5-6:30PM (4:30PM snacks/social)

Tickets on Eventbrite

The R-word (“Race”) has been with us since the inception of the United States and continues to impact every aspect of our lives whether people want to admit it to not. Although race has been hovering around us like a spirit, we are still afraid to talk about it or do anything drastic to finally escaped from its clutches.

This Halloween, Joshua V. Barr, former Director of the Des Moines Civil & Human Rights Commission and Founder and Chief strategist of Raising The Barr LLC, will talk about why have been so afraid to address race in our country and what we can do at a local level to finally exorcise the demon called racism.

Tickets are almost gone! Snag them here.

Sun 11/7, 6-8PM
Register here 

Heading home for the holidays–and anticipating difficult discussions?

Join Cameron Gale to find the best way to set the stage to have a productive conversations when race and racism show up at the dinner table.

The election is this Tuesday, November 2!

Not sure who to vote for? DSM SURJ surveyed candidates for city council, mayor and school board across central Iowa and compiled candidates responses! Read it HERE and vote.

The survey questions were focused on informing our members about all candidates and where they stand on issues of racial justice.  The results of the survey will be shared with you later this week to aid your decision of who to vote for.

Thank you for being part of an informed electorate!

Thank you for reading!

Please keep in touch with us at dsmsurj@gmail.com 

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