DSM SURJ News, 9/8/21

DSM SURJ In-Person Monthly Meeting
Sun Sept 12 at Mainframe Studios

SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) would like to highlight the amazing organizations we’ve worked with in the past on anti-oppression efforts in our community. Each accountability partnership has led integral movements for racial justice in Des Moines and has given SURJ members the opportunity to follow their lead.

For our September monthly meeting, we would like to celebrate these accountability partners by exploring the work they are doing in our community and provide them a platform to share more about their organization and how the SURJ community can better help to support their work.

Sunday’s meeting will be held in the community space on the first floor of Mainframe.

Please RSVP on Facebook and see you Sunday!

If you are unvaccinated or uncomfortable meeting in person, we still have a Zoom link available. Please make sure you ask for the Zoom link in your registration.

Register today!