“Together, as part of a powerful multi-racial, cross-class movement for collective liberation, we can force the system of white supremacy to crumble.”

DSM SURJ strives to embody the above principle by teaming up with a large and growing roster of local Accountability Partners. Diverse in age, race, culture, and strategy, Accountability Partners are groups and organizations led by people of color. Many have been engaged in the struggle for justice in Des Moines for years or decades. They provide crucial input on how to best spend our limited time and energy.

Our partnership manifests in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • participating in partner-led civic actions
  • leading our own civic actions with partner consultation
  • assisting with partner event promotion and execution
  • amplifying partner calls to action on social media
  • supporting partner needs with time and money

We encourage you to learn more about our accountability partners, follow their work, and champion them at every turn.

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